Company introduction

Rotab (date) Meraj Bam Trading Services Company was established in an area of 8000 square meters in Naramshir city (30 km far from the Bam city) in 1999.

Services and activities of the company:

The refrigerated room is equipped and in accordance with the national standards of Iran with a capacity of 4000 tons, which is the storage location of the produced date.

Hygienic and packing salons with a net area of 1200 square meters in accordance with national standards of Iran and Food and Drug Administration.

A laboratory approved by Iran National Standard and Food and Drug Administration for the person in charge of quality control

Sorting and packaging machines

Gas-output and quarantine salon with 250 square meters

Raw materials warehouse with a basement of 1000 square meters

 The company is ready to cooperate and conclude the contract towards its aims for the date export with the Company’s brands and or ordering under the brand of the customers for inside and outside the country.

Received Standards and Certificates

  • National Iranian Standard Certificate
  • ISO Certificate of 2008-9001
  • ISO Halal Certificate
  • ISO HACCP Certificate
  • Food and Drug Administration supervision identity

CEO's speech


Ali Reza Mohammad Abadi CEO

Company’s future goals

We believe that we can provide a massive development in the date industry and in serving our beloved compatriots towards the standard and hygienic packaging.

The production of healthy, nourishing, and organic food for Iranian children is one of our honors, and makes us hopeful towards the great goals of promotion towards a healthy society.