Kalute dates

Kalute dates

This is a date that is cultivated in a region called Jiroft from Kerman. Khar This fruit is red, and in terms of the shape of the nights has a lot of dates in Mazafati dates. These dates are always cultivated in Jiroft and Anbarabad. In these two regions, in addition to the Kalotha dates, Mazafati and Moradzangi can be found that are of good quality and of the most important commercial varieties.

Kalute dates is an intermediate clay that arrives in the months of August. This fruit is of a large kind. These dates always have a decent domestic and international market, so one of the most important importers of this date is Tajikistan.

These dates are packed in two-pack packages with three grades, and these dates can also be delivered to the consumer market in bulk, and the most important point in the delivery and delivery of these dates is the quality of this type.

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