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Aluyi Dates

Plum or Specimen Date Specifications: The dates of the plum, which is one of the most important dates of the dates harvested from the southern regions of Iran, has attracted many customers over the last few years. The name of the plum, which is due to its shape, is known for its name. . These dates, which are less well-known in the domestic market, only those who specialize in palm production know this sample of dates. But because of its [...]

Kabakab dates

Elliptical fruit weighs about 15 grams with semi-arid texture and bright yellow color, thick shells are thick. The proportion of flesh to the core is 9.25. Oval, narrow and drawn, gray, the amount of kernel adhesion to the fruit is high. The arrival of Kharg is late in August, but the harvest of its fully-fruited fruit (dates) is in mid-September. The attachment of the warhead to the fruit is high.

Mazafati Rotab Dates

Bam MASAFT RB: One of the most important commercial products of Kerman province is Ratab. Dates during the course of three steps. The first stage is called the date fruit, “Kharg” or “Vaheak” or Kong. Hot tropical sunshine after a while is dark and juicy, which it is called the root. It is a complete processing of dates that have a higher moisture content and less sugar than full dates, and it is said that the late stages of [...]

Dates Chips

Dry days with cholesterol excretion from the veins are effective in maintaining cardiovascular health. A low-calorie-rich fruit that can cope with harmful cholesterol. The high fiber present in it is an excellent source of energy and is suitable for weight loss. Dyspnea, heartburn and gastric acidity decrease. It is rich in calcium and also prevents osteoporosis and arthritis. Rich in iron. Increases blood cell production, thereby improving blood flow. Dry dates contain antioxidants and amino acids. Glucose and fructose are energy sources. Vitamin B, which is [...]

Estameran Dates

The colonial dates, like other date varieties, have a high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins, sugars, and mineral compounds such as iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.The colonial dates have antioxidant properties and are therefore an anticancer fruit.Colonial dates can be effective in improving digestive system function and in digesting food more easily, given the presence of magnesium.

Palm extract

Salts are an energy source and are considered to be the best food for those times when the body needs more energy. Including these salts is a date sap. Date sauce has the same date properties. It contains phosphorus and iron, which consumes it at breakfast, which activates nerve cells and prevents anemia in humans. Date sap relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases.

Kalute dates

This is a date that is cultivated in a region called Jiroft from Kerman. Khar This fruit is red, and in terms of the shape of the nights has a lot of dates in Mazafati dates. These dates are always cultivated in Jiroft and Anbarabad. In these two regions, in addition to the Kalotha dates, Mazafati and Moradzangi can be found that are of good quality and of the most important commercial varieties. Kalute dates is an intermediate clay that [...]

Khasuyi Dates

The product, in the name of the date of this tree, is very different from the viewpoint of the different types of fruits, including the fruit and its small size, which is small and sweet, and has a very small amount (contrary to other growing species, which is thick and so-called local meat).