Zahedi Dates

Zahedi Dates

Zahedi’s date may be one of the most popular types of dates in the country. Zahedi’s date is a dry, yellowish, meaty and tasty fruit that has less moisture than other varieties of dates. These dates are relatively smaller than sweets, and are recommended for tastes that do not like a lot of sweets.

Zahedi Saqor’s dates are selected from the best of these dates and are available in perfectly healthy packaging.


Enriched with daily energy

Rich in Vitamin B (Nervous Strengthening) and Vitamin E (Strengthening Sexual Power)

The content of iron (anemia treatment) and phosphorus (strengthening of intellectual actions)

Contains Calcium (Bone Strength) and Magnesium (Anti Cancer)

Potassium-rich (dyspepsia) and vitamin A (strengthen eyesight, skin and hair health)

Lazy and neutralize extra gastric acid

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