About the laboratory

Rotab Meraj Bam’s Laboratory is among the most complete quality control laboratories in the date packaging industry using laboratory facilities and equipment and technical staff. The Rotab Meraj Company’s management effort is to equip the laboratory with state-of-the-art technology and equipment for the product’s exact packaging with the best quality and supply with the domestic and foreign markets. It should be noted that the laboratory cooperates with reference laboratories in some cases to complete the tests as well as to control the results obtained.

Laboratory departments:

1) Chemistry department: is active with regard to the packaging department’s requirement for measuring the moisture content of the date, granulation and discolored date, unfertilized and unripe date, and so on.

2) Microbial department: This department of the laboratory attempts to control and verify the health of the (date) raw materials and products in the field of microbiological and environmental circumstances control using specialized culture environments.

3) Quality control department: Due to the fact that the main pillar in the date packaging industries is the quality assurance, therefore, the quality control laboratories play a very important and crucial role in this industry as one of the quality control and guarantee leverages.

Rotab Meraj Company laboratory equipment:

فور, autoclave, incubator, Ben-Marie, microscope, colony counter, Dean Stark, scale, volumetric balloons and …..

Laboratory images