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Kalute dates

This is a date that is cultivated in a region called Jiroft from Kerman. Khar This fruit is red, and in terms of the shape of the nights has a lot of dates in Mazafati dates. These dates are always cultivated in Jiroft and Anbarabad. In these two regions, in addition to the Kalotha dates, Mazafati and Moradzangi can be found that are of good quality and of the most important commercial varieties. Kalute dates is an intermediate clay that [...]

Rabbi Dates

Rhubarb chamomile dates with chocolate and semi-dry texture. The dates are light-colored black and the small core is well-liked, especially in Europe, and unique in its kind. This product has the ability to maintain and rinse.These dates consist of 25% sucrose, 50% glucose and alumina, pectin and water, plus vitamins A, E, C and B.. benefits: Enriched with daily energy Rich in Vitamin B (Nervous Strengthening) and Vitamin E (Strengthening Sexual Power) The content of iron (anemia treatment) and phosphorus (strengthening of intellectual [...]

Zahedi Dates

Zahedi’s date may be one of the most popular types of dates in the country. Zahedi’s date is a dry, yellowish, meaty and tasty fruit that has less moisture than other varieties of dates. These dates are relatively smaller than sweets, and are recommended for tastes that do not like a lot of sweets. Zahedi Saqor’s dates are selected from the best of these dates and are available in perfectly healthy packaging. benefits: Enriched with daily energy Rich in Vitamin B (Nervous Strengthening) [...]

Mazafati Dates

The Mazafati dates may be one of the most palatable and cultivating varieties of the world’s dates. Especially since these dates are used more often, and few can be found that after eating a grain of the Mazafati date it does not feel very good for him. These dates are attractive with black color. The moisture content is between 15% and 35%, depending on the time of harvest from the tree and its planting site, and the size of [...]